Greasy Drafting Fingers

A long time ago in a country far, far away (across the Atlantic), the poor of a small village along Belgium’s River Meuse mainly ate small fish from the river, fried in oil. During winter the river would freeze, but the villagers still enjoyed their usual fried feast --just substitute fish with potatoes. Years later... Continue Reading →

We’re back at it again with another blog straight from the BLDD Interns! While we all are interning in different offices across Illinois and Iowa, we have one thing in common; we are all women in a male-dominated field. We have decided to unleash our inner girl power and make this blog all about our... Continue Reading →

Welcome BLDD Interns!

Hello Bloggers! Today’s blog entry is all about the lovely interns and our past three weeks with BLDD Architects. Let’s give you a proper introduction. First, there is Kayla Peck located in the Decatur office and Lena Reiff at the Davenport office. Both Kayla and Lena graduated this year at the University of Illinois at... Continue Reading →

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