Can design make it easier to find God?

Imagine visiting a new city and trying to find anything without the help of Google Maps. Would you feel frustrated? Lost? Wondering how people ever found their way before 2005?! That’s pretty much how church newcomers feel on Sunday mornings. Visitors often arrive at a new church nervous, uncomfortable and a bit lost. They have... Continue Reading →

The BLDD family is growing again.

We are once again excited to announce new hires in all of our office locations! Our BLDD family continues to grow to meet the needs of our fantastic clients. First up, Kayla Peck. Kayla spent the last two summers as an intern in the Central Illinois office of BLDD. She now joins us full-time as an... Continue Reading →

Branding isn’t just for big business

When you think of branding, what comes to mind?  Apple, Target, Pepsi, Volkswagen, McDonald's, Oprah??  The retail/B2C world is filled with great examples. These B2C giants have been at it for a long time, and there's lots to be learned.  Most of all, that branding isn't just for big business anymore.  Due to an increase... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the BLDD Family!

We are excited to announce multiple new hires in our Central Illinois and Chicago office locations. These talented new team members will support increased project demand and help achieve continued growth throughout the firm. First up, Nineveh Rasho! Nineveh joined the Chicago office as an Architectural Intern in September of 2017. Her admiration for architecture... Continue Reading →

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