Back to Their Roots

How Okaw Valley Found Greatness in Agriculture Education by Going Back to the Basics Agriculture is a staple of the rural education curriculum, and while a majority of students are involved in those programs, there is often little funding and inadequate spaces to support them. The future farmers and agribusiness leaders are frequently taught in... Continue Reading →

Classroom Clutter- Part 1 Brought to you by RubberMaid

Technology and flexibility have become the guiding principles to twenty first century classroom design. These principles are in conflict with two primary requests of educators; storage and display space.  In a series of posts we will examine the challenges facing administrators, educators, and designers with these conflicts and the clutter that often results. Part 1:... Continue Reading →

A Virtual Dementia Tour

Ever wonder what it’s like to have dementia, or what is commonly referred to as Alzheimer’s? Three weeks ago I got a taste of it while attending the national conference for non-profit senior housing providers, Leading Age, in Nashville, Tennessee. In one corner of the vast exhibit hall was a small trailer housing a ‘Virtual... Continue Reading →

Welcome BLDD Interns!

Hello Bloggers! Today’s blog entry is all about the lovely interns and our past three weeks with BLDD Architects. Let’s give you a proper introduction. First, there is Kayla Peck located in the Decatur office and Lena Reiff at the Davenport office. Both Kayla and Lena graduated this year at the University of Illinois at... Continue Reading →

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