Kankakee Community College’s New Advanced Technology & Education Center Moving Forward

The $7 million Advanced Technology Education Center (ATEC) is now under construction on Kankakee Community College’s (KCC) Riverfront Campus with completion expected in the Fall of 2018. The 21,000 square-foot ATEC building will be home to KCC’s renewable energy programs.  It will contain classrooms, labs, offices, and support spaces to provide hands-on technical training in fields... Continue Reading →

LyondellBasell’s New Administration Building

LyondellBasell’s new state-of-the-art $30 million Administration Building in Clinton, IA.  This new blast proof facility includes administrative offices, training rooms, a control room, laboratory, break room, clean room, and multiple maintenance shops. The building is designed to streamline operations by having multiple departments under one room.

How to reimagine your worn-out gym

In my 30 years of being in the profession, I have witnessed my fair share of school gymnasiums built in the 50s and 60s.  When a school district can finally afford to build a new competition gym, the old gym typically becomes underutilized and often times an eyesore.  But it doesn’t have to be that... Continue Reading →

Design Considerations for Behavioral Health

One of the greatest challenges currently facing designers of behavioral health units is in balancing patient safety without negatively impacting the creation of a therapeutic environment that is conducive to patient healing and recovery.  The safety of patients, staff, and visitors is very important, but so is the therapeutic nature of the environment.  Patients must... Continue Reading →

New Trends in Clinic Design

It’s no secret that healthcare organizations across the country are shifting more and more services to outpatient settings. The move makes sense for a number of reasons:  1) the ability to reduce costs, 2) improved outcomes, 3) increased access, and 4) increased market share.   The development of clinics is further inspired by healthcare reform pressing... Continue Reading →

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