The Evolution of Fitness Centers

I recently had the opportunity to present to a community group on behalf of the City of Bloomington, IL, Parks and Recreation Department.  While public speaking isn't one of my favorite things to do, it's a whole lot easier when it's something I am truly passionate and the facilities where fitness occurs. While fitness... Continue Reading →

Transgender Toilet Rooms – The Scoop

The issue of transgender toilet rooms has been a hot topic in the news a LOT recently!  And, I bet, as a building owner, you've been asked how you will accommodate this segment of the population.  So, the first thing you did is call a trusted Architect or Engineer to ask this specific question...and the... Continue Reading →

Should you build new or renovate?

This is a fairly typical question that plagues building owners.  It is not unusual for clients to assume that, to get what they want, they have to build new...and 'we' certainly can't afford that! Owners will often overlook the tremendous value in their existing facilities.  This is understandable if you were looking at the (typically)... Continue Reading →

Having an impact…

While construction of the Workman Family Softball Field (a new $2MM stadium on Millikin University‚Äôs campus in Decatur, IL) progresses, recent events in the sporting world have reminded me of how athletics can bring people together, create hope, and provide a much needed distraction. As a life-long Cubs fan, my world just got turned upside... Continue Reading →

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