New Promotions Named

As we dive into this new year, we are looking forward to celebrating GOOD VIBES in 2022.

We have expanded our leadership team and are thrilled to announce the promotion of new Associates with BLDD. Congratulations to Liz Kessinger and Kimberly Kurtenbach! These two have moved the ball forward with their expertise and ingenuity and have provided exceptional innovation and dedication.

In addition to our new Associates, we are excited to announce the promotions of Alida Duff Sullivan to Director of Marketing and Shannon Richards to Director of Business Development. We look forward to creating client and community connections with the talented leadership of Alida and Shannon.

Liz Kessinger: Liz has been with BLDD for almost 24 years and created her position as Project Administrator. She takes complete ownership of her role and responsibilities and has become a firm-wide resource. Liz has enabled us to coordinate and successfully navigate an extensive number of users, stakeholders, and consultants, while working to keep all of our projects on track.

Kimberly Kurtenbach: Kim has moved the ball forward by becoming a valuable member of the K-12 Design Group, becoming an expert in the Health/Life/Safety process, building replacement process, and all things related to education design. Kim’s understanding and commitment to client care is helping us grow and serve our clients.

Alida Duff Sullivan:

Alida is a creative problem-solver with a passion for the visual arts. In her role as Director of Marketing, she loves empowering the BLDD team and our clients to share their unique differentiators through captivating storytelling. Additionally, she manages the BLDD brand, voice, image, and marketing/communications for the firm. When she’s not on the job, Alida enjoys playing guitar in the BLDD-founded band, Structurally Sound, where she shares the stage with her husband, Hugh, who plays keyboards.

Shannon Richards: Shannon joined BLDD with a wealth of experience building relationships. She loves getting people excited about the things that excite her. As BLDD’s Director of Business Development, Shannon enjoys making connections and bringing good people together. Previously, she worked in corporate retail for over a decade, creating and implementing change management, growing client base, and increasing retention.

Congratulations to our new Associates, Director of Marketing, and Director of Business Development on these well-deserved promotions!

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