Virtual Bid Openings

BID OPENINGS are an important part of any publicly funded construction project. Usually conducted in person with the owner, architect, and all contractors present, the Bid Opening is a major milestone in the life of a project. All the hard work of determining the vision for your future, making decisions, and staying in budget comes to an end.

It’s no surprise that there is a bit of ceremony to a bid opening. Contractors deliver their sealed bids to the Owner. The owner opens the sealed envelopes and hands the bid forms to the architect. The architect reads them aloud for all to hear. If all goes well, the bids are within your budget and you can start to mobilize for construction soon!

Virtual bid openings are a great way to save on resources such as time, gas, shipping costs, etc… Why not reduce our carbon footprint and make it easier for the public to participate?
Options for receiving Bids
  • mail-in bids
  • drop off bids in person
  • electronically submit via the cloud
Options for Opening and reading Bids
  • download from cloud and read aloud on a video conference with bidders
  • open mailed/delivered hard copies and read aloud on Facebook Live or other streaming services so the contractors and public can watch as well

Hopefully, your next Bid Opening will go smoothly and kick-off the construction phase of your project with the pomp and circumstance it deserves!

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