More Than Child’s Play

For the past seventeen years, Macon County CASA has held the “Casas for CASA” fundraiser, raffling off two custom playhouses to raise money to support the organization in its goal to place abused or neglected children into safe homes.

BLDD Architects was excited for an opportunity to partner with CASA to put our skills and resources to good use and make an impact! Ten amazing teams stepped up to create concepts for imaginative playhouses, which were then voted on by the community. Through the efforts of dedicated CASA supporters and generous donations, the two playhouses with the most votes were built.

“Castle CASA,” designed by Connor Crawford, is a place to encourage the most imaginative play, and “Charleston Single House,” designed by Greg Butler and Kendall Oliver, is the perfect place for dreams to be explored with a cold glass of sweet tea. In April 2019, the playhouses were raffled and delivered to the backyards of the winning families, ready to spark imagination for years to come.

BLDD’s participation not only rejuvenated the Casas for CASA fundraiser, but more importantly helped educate the community on the importance of supporting our neglected youth.

Becoming involved with this meaningful cause was a natural fit for the BLDD team. What better opportunity to help transform children’s lives than by designing imaginative playhouses for kids to enjoy? We want our designs to empower and inspire the lives of those they serve. And sparking imagination through these playhouse designs is the best way we know how to do it.

So how did BLDD’s involvement raise the bar?  

“We have more power when community partners like BLDD are involved!” says CASA Executive Director Julia Livingston. “It’s not only about raising money; it’s about awareness for the people, the children, the volunteers and all who help make a difference.”

An important return of everyone’s investment

When BLDD and others helped rejuvenate this project, more of the community got involved. The number of tickets sold for the raffle increased by more than 1,000 — and that’s a whopping 25-percent increase and a grand total of nearly 9,300 tickets sold! As a result the fundraiser brought in nearly $50,000! That means more than 300 children and nearly 150 volunteers who support them through CASA win big! Moving forward, CASA will be able to increase resources for more advocates and create a larger network within the the community!  

BLDD is proud to have been a part of such a powerful cause to support and build awareness for neglected children in our community through inspiring designs.


Because Life Deserves Design.

Grace Ganley is a BLDD Architects intern and recent graduate of Millikin University. Her degree is in Business Management, with a certificate in Marketing.

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