Labor of Love

Some of you know that I’ve been an advocate for three sweet and amazing children through Macon County CASA for the last few years. It’s tough to express how important CASA is to these and hundreds of other kids in very rough situations, and words can’t describe how special these kids and this cause are to me.

Luckily, we can express our love with something much stronger than words!  Together with my uber-talented co-workers at BLDD, we have put our gifts to use to support CASA on a much bigger level.  This FUN project has been coming to life over the last 9 months.

Here’s the rundown on my labor of love:

Every year for the last 17 years, CASA has raffled off two playhouses through their “Casas for CASA” fundraiser. After last year’s raffle, I saw a great opportunity and offered the design talents of BLDD Architects to now-retired CASA Executive Director Steve Miller, hoping we could help take the fundraising to a new level. He and Julia Livingston (incoming Executive Director) gladly accepted our offer, and so the excitement (and work) began!

As with any new effort, it’s taken lots of hours and months of planning with folks from BLDD, CASA, and Lowe’s (who are donating 90% of the supplies to build the playhouses, woot woot!!).

But it has been worth every minute to see these designs come to life.  It has blown away all my expectations — and as anyone who knows me will attest, I have VERY high expectations! These designers deserve some BIG LOVE, as all of them are already working 50+ hours a week, but they still lent their creativity and additional time to this great cause.

So I hope you’ll join me in showing some love today by voting for your favorite playhouse design, commenting on this post, and if you’re so inclined, sharing on your social media. The two designs with the most votes will be built this spring, then raffled in May.  Voting closes at 4:00pm, Feb 15.

Regardless of who wins…. enjoy perusing the designs.   They are full of wonder, creativity and imagination-sparking details.  I hope one day that they can ALL come to life.

We’ve got a big goal of raising $100,000 for CASA (that’s double last year’s goal), but with your help, I know it’s possible.

THANK YOU to Kayla Peck, Jean Underwood, Conner Crawford, Zoey Koester, Sarah Diesburg, Todd Cyrulik, Brian Sommerfeld, Hugh and Alida Sullivan, Anita Lanning, Kendall Oliver, Greg Butler, and Michael Selvaggio.  You are truly heroes and I’m eternally grateful for you.

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