Knitting, ballroom dancing, and designing children’s ministry spaces… meet Anita.

Anita Lanning  is passionate about religious design and how it impacts people of all ages. One of her favorite spaces to design is the children’s ministry areas.

Anita loves spending time with her husband and daughter. They like to spend time going on camping trips, heading to the movie theater, or just goofing around at home. An avid crafter, Anita enjoys painting, knitting, and quilting. She also helps to create VBS themed environments every year at her church.

We asked Anita some fun questions:

Meet Anita3

What are some unusual habits or collections you have?
I have more skeins of yarn than any one person should need in their lives.

What would you put on a billboard?
Love your neighbor!

What is your favorite book or author?
Anything sci-fi or fantasy. I like books that move fast and are set in a place that forces you to use your imagination.

What is your favorite place or built environment?
Colorado – sitting outside on the deck looking at the mountains with a cool breeze to shake the aspen leaves.

If you could do anything without worrying about getting paid you would be a…
Artist. I would create just about anything I could come up with and sell it to people at art festivals around the country.

What is your favorite song, album, or musician?
Nora Jones

What is the most dangerous thing you have done?
While we’re vacationing in Colorado my husband and I typically mountain bike down the side of a mountain. I am always scared I’m going to fall off the edge of a cliff or that my brakes will fail.

What is something very few people know about you?
I know how to ballroom dance. When I was in college I did a lot of swing dancing and lindy hop. I even learned how to do all those cool aerial tricks you see in the movies.

Thanks, Anita! Isn’t her photo above at two years of age adorable?

Anita has been working with religious clients since 2005 and has become one of our top experts in this market.

Are you interested in joining the BLDD team? We currently have openings available and are searching for rock-star talent. If you think that sounds like you, feel free to look at our current positions and send in your resume.

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