5 Steps to Awesome Design for Education!

So, you’ve tested your design-thinking personality with “Cereal 5-ways.” And maybe you’ve determined the perfect party snack through our design-thinking strategy, but are you ready to dig into the “main course” of Think BIG?

Working with hundreds of education clients since 1929, the architects at BLDD understand the struggles of adapting environments to the ever-evolving needs of learning.

There is no uniformly accepted idea of what defines a 21st century school, so how do you begin to rethink updating facilities?

Here at BLDD, we start by Thinking BIG. Through our five-step design-thinking process, students, educators, administrators and architects collaborate as co-authors of a design. Here’s how it works:

  • Empathize: Understand the users’ perspectives, challenges and aspirations
  • Define: Describe the critical aspects of a successful solution
  • Ideate: Explore every idea, generating a wide range of potential solutions
  • Prototype: Build a quick approximation of the preferred plan
  • Test: Understand what works and what doesn’t through authentic user feedback

Following these five steps, we work together to harness the power of design thinking and uncover BIG ideas and new approaches for modern learning.

Ready to see if Think BIG is right for you? Email us at hello@bldd.com today!

Bruce Maxey
Bruce Maxey, AIA, LEED AP

John Whitlock signature

John Whitlock, AIA, LEED AP


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