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Thanks to Forrest Gump, we all know that “life is like a box of chocolates,” but here at BLDD Architects, we say “design thinking is like making guacamole.”

Our design-thinking special sauce is called “Think BIG,” and it’s a recipe for success. Let’s dig in.

For our education clients, Think BIG can mean a small investment with a big outcome. The five-step process engages staff and students to uncover big ideas and inspire new approaches to solve the toughest facility problems.


The first step of Think BIG is to EMPATHIZE. Through classroom observations, staff surveys, field visits to exemplars, and more, we’ll gain a deep understanding of the users’ perspective, challenges and aspirations.

Secondly, we DEFINE. Together, we’ll describe the critical aspects of a successful solution by collecting common themes, prioritizing needs and stating the problem. Educators, not architects, define the learning environment solutions that will most effectively support their curriculum and instruction.

The next step is to IDEATE. Teachers, students and designers collaborate to explore every idea, generating a wide range of potential solutions. Diverse viewpoints are welcome!

Then comes the real fun: PROTOTYPE. Using our “kit of parts,” we’ll build a full-scale mockup of the learning environment preferred plan. Educators and students can try out various layouts and furniture options without breaking the bank!

And finally, we TEST. By holding classes in the prototype, teachers and students can experiment and rearrange the space to fit their specific needs. Through this authentic user testing, we can gather feedback and gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of the design.

Think BIG is unique because we involve educators and students from the beginning, in a very real way. So what’s our secret ingredient? You.

Just like a box of chocolates, you may never know what you’re going to get in life, but with BLDD’s Think BIG process, you can rest assured, you’ll find the perfect fit for your campus community.

Stay tuned to see real results from our Think BIG clients.

Ready to see if Think BIG is right for you? Email us at today!

Bruce Maxey
Bruce Maxey, AIA, LEED AP

John Whitlock signature

John Whitlock, AIA, LEED AP


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