Work Hard Play Harder: An Inside Look at BLDD

If you’re looking for a traditional architecture work environment, you’ll have to look elsewhere. As summer interns with BLDD Architects, we get to experience this firsthand.

BLDD provides a unique opportunity to work from virtually anywhere in the world and in the office. Whether our employees want to work from home, a coffee shop, or even a city over 1,000 miles away, they still have the opportunity to collaborate with others in a productive, yet playful environment.

While work is important, we also like to have fun. Whether it’s shooting someone with the air cannon or starting a Nerf gun war, we always keep the creative energy flowing. When the work is done for the week, there is usually a happy hour in our atrium which doubles as a bar, basketball court, and even a Wii dance floor. Everyone hates Monday’s as much as Garfield, so we like to spice things up a little by playing trivia at our weekly staff meetings. These are just some fun things we get to do to keep a positive vibe.

With employees working in many different places, we have the opportunity to explore new venues through activities outside the office. Activities can range from water skiing Fridays at Sam’s house on Lake Decatur to rooftop outings with incredible views from our Chicago office.

Rooftop BLDD Outing Pic
Look at this incredible view from the rooftop of our Chicago Summer Outing!
President Steve Oliver, Principal Todd Cyrulik, and Architectural Designer Aaron Merchant relaxing in our Central Illinois office.

 We pride ourselves on our diverse work portfolio, our incredible staff, involvement in surrounding communities, and above all, the fun we have together outside of work hours. Whether it’s using the 2nd floor of our Central Illinois office for a blood drive, or, most recently, hosting Millikin University students for an Idea to Incubator summer program, we love being involved with the community and our clients.

We are more than co-workers, we are friends! Come check us out!

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