Designing churches and climbing mountains… meet Kendall.

Kendall Oliver is one of the newer faces in our Central Illinois office.

After three years working for firms in Utah and Maryland, specializing in urban design and religious architecture around the country, Kendall returned to his hometown of Decatur. He joined the Central Illinois office in 2017 as an Architectural Designer, specializing in religious design.

Kendall, his wife Emily, and their daughter Maebel live in a historic home on the West End of Decatur. He loves spending time with his family, exploring new cities, urban neighborhoods, and local food. When he isn’t riding his bike to work, you can find him rock climbing, brewing his own craft beer, or reading dead theologians. And he’ll never turn down a trip to Del’s Popcorn shop just down the street.

We asked Kendall some fun questions. Check out his answers below:

Meet Kendall2


What purchase(s) of less than $100 have most improved your life?
My single speed bike. It has changed the way I live and work. Desiring to live close to work to be able to bike has been great exercise, and I just enjoy being outside.

What new belief, behaviors, or habits, adopted within the last 5 years, have most positively impacted your life?
Reading. I was never much of a reader before, in fact, I strongly disliked it. But recently, I have had a renewed passion for learning and reading. This includes everything from history, epistemology, to theology.

What has been your favorite age and why?
25. I lived in Utah during that time and got to take up a lot of exciting outdoor hobbies –  hiking mountain peaks, camping, and rock climbing. While I hope I will be able to do those things again some day, I’m not sure it will be as easy as when I was 25.

What is your favorite song, album, or musician?
Rock of Ages by The Modern Post.

What is your favorite place or built environment?
A walk-able city. A well designed city is one of my favorite places to be. When you can work downtown, walk to a great coffee shop or restaurant, and then walk/bike home, there is nothing better.

What is the most dangerous (physically, mentally or financially) thing you’ve done…
Angel’s Landing. It was probably one of the more risky things I did while in Utah. In Zion’s National Park in southern Utah, there is a famous rock formation known as Angel’s Landing. It consists of a long, narrow spine of rock about 4′ wide, with 1,200 foot drops on both sides. The only thinkg to hold on to is a small chain. While it was intense, it easily gives the best views of what I believe to be the best park in Utah.

Thanks Kendall!

We are glad that Kendall moved back to his roots to join us at BLDD!


Are you interested in joining the BLDD team? We currently have openings available and are searching for rock star talent. If you think that sounds like you, feel free to look at our current positions and send in your resume.

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