No more of the same ol’ thing for senior living.

Senior living communities are facing more challenges than ever before! Money is tight, buildings continue to look like something out of a time capsule, and potential and current residents are no longer the only ones being courted by new competition. You now have to worry about your staff and directors being recruited by competitors, too.

And to top it all off, the world around us is progressing at lightning speed, making it harder and harder to compete with the newly opened competitor down the street. How do you keep your facility relevant without breaking the bank?

We’ve got some tips and ideas to help you BE THE CHANGE.

TIP #1: GIVE RESIDENTS DINING CHOICES! Some ideas to spark your change:

  • Provide multiple dining spaces within one primary restaurant so residents can choose to eat on the more casual side, or in one of the more refined dining spaces, depending on how they feel that day.
  • Incorporate transitional elements such as a barn door that easily opens and closes allowing for flexibility in accommodating private parties, gatherings and meetings.
  • Extend dining hours to provide residents flexibility and to ease the peak rush service times. Residents will then have more room to both navigate and store their assistive devices. This accommodation will promote more independence, socialization, and ultimately healthier residents.

Check out some of these before and after photos. Dining spaces that were once avoided on marketing tours of facilities are now the first stop!

Dining Slides for Blog_Page_1
Millstone Restaurant, Monarch Landing, Naperville, IL
Dining Slides for Blog_Page_2
Millstone Restaurant, Monarch Landing, Naperville, IL
Dining Slides for Blog_Page_3
The Inn at Willow Falls
Dining Slides for Blog_Page_5
Cafeteria to Bistro, Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, IL

Check back soon for more tips to come. We would love to hear your success stories! Share with the hashtag #BLDDtheChange.

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