Expanding our network of friends with iSPI

The world of work is changing every day.  Things that sounded like science fiction only a few years ago (virtual reality, AI, virtual machines and telecommuting) are now everyday occurrences.

At BLDD, our changing workplace also includes fewer square feet of permanent office space and the opportunity to telecommute.  We’re still together in the office some days, and working remotely other days. Remote work is a benefit that we love here at BLDD!  It allows flexibility for everyone from young parents to those caring for older loved ones, autonomy when needed, and the warmth of home rather than a commute on scary winter days. Not to mention, less pollution from driving back and forth.

To support telecommuting, we’ve joined “co-working” communities in several of our employees’ and clients’ home towns. In addition to an office closer to home and quick access to local clients, these partnerships have created other unexpected happy outcomes.  We’re expanding our network, the people we can bounce ideas off of, and our friendships in the process.

Our recent partnership with Innovate Springfield (iSPI) is a great example of this, and we’re excited about it for several reasons….

First of all, iSPI provides both business and social programming aimed to support the entrepreneurs and big thinkers that fill its walls.  And while we’re no start-up (far from it actually, at 89 years young!), we love learning and breaking bread (and beers, if you insist!) with great people.

Secondly, it’s located in the heart of downtown Springfield on the Old State Capitol plaza, within walking distance of several historic sites, and just a block away from one of our current projects under construction, the Kidzeum of Health and Science.

But most importantly, it’s supporting innovation, and thinking big for the future of the capital city.  Our state, and our world, only becomes a better place when this happens, and BLDD wants to be a part of that.

Keep thinking big, iSPI!  We’re thrilled to share space with you, and your awesome mojo!

*Images courtesy of Innovate Springfield

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