Branding isn’t just for big business

When you think of branding, what comes to mind?  Apple, Target, Pepsi, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, Oprah??  The retail/B2C world is filled with great examples.

These B2C giants have been at it for a long time, and there’s lots to be learned.  Most of all, that branding isn’t just for big business anymore.  Due to an increase in consumerism in the last generation, there’s competition for your clients’ attention everywhere they turn (upwards of 5,000 branding messages a day!) and in every marketplace…. retail, fast food, B2B, non-profits, schools.  We’re all competing for people’s attention.

And the giants know how to do it right!  Have you ever found yourself stopped and gawking in awe in the middle of Target, or when scrolling through the Apple website? So beautiful!! So well executed!! And so consistent!!  No? OK, maybe I have a problem.  If you have this same problem, let me know… we’ll start a support group…. with field trips.  Branding geeks unite!

So, how do you use your brand to stand out, and even have this kind of impact?

Most importantly, be authentic. Provide a real benefit or unique experience to real people, and make sure everything you communicate reflects that.  Without that, branding is just lip service and pretty pictures.

Assuming you’re already doing that, I’d like to introduce you to the potential benefits of using your physical environment as a largely untapped opportunity to build and extend your brand story.  We’ve been helping our clients do exactly this for the last 5 years, and their outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive.

In upcoming posts, I’ll take you through some of their stories.  Schools, churches, businesses, colleges, even senior living environments.  The opportunities are endless!

Until then… here’s some eye candy to look forward to learning more about.

Branded environmentsSee you soon!



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