Associated Colleges of Illinois – 65th Anniversary Benefit Reception

My wife and I had the honor of attending this event on a lovely evening in downtown Chicago at the historic University Club on Michigan Avenue.  There are certainly worse ways to spend a Friday!  While an evening in the city and the opportunity to catch some blues music afterward is something we love to do, we were both pleasantly surprised that the message of the event was the real highlight of the night.  

This event was held as a benefit to support the Expanded and Enhanced Peer Mentoring Program at ACI member Colleges.  While having the opportunity to network and meet new people (and see some we already knew) is important to our business, it was truly fascinating and uplifting to hear how this (and other) mentoring programs are a REAL resource for college students…especially for a first generation college student.  For those students, having a mentor available to them to ask those questions that every college student has, is one more way these Colleges are supporting their students.  A passionate testimonial from a former mentee and now a mentor clearly showed the value of this program!

This event provided us so much more than we expected…a feeling that there will always be good people doing good things for others.


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