Halloween, Ageism, and the Road to Indianapolis!

Only one more year and the national LeadingAge conference for senior living providers will no longer take place over Halloween!  My wife and kids will be much happier because I did my trick-or-treating at the big conference in Indianapolis last month…without themL.  So what was everyone talking about?  My bullet point take-aways:


  • “A tendency to regard older persons as debilitated, unworthy of attention, or unsuitable for employment”
  • As they have led the charge against racism and sexism, Boomers may lead the charge to defeat Ageism, because they’ll be the eventual target if things don’t change.

Boomer Expectations:  Choice, Control, Community!

  • Urban Walkable Communities
  • Sustainability (lots of talk, need more action)
  • Participation & Contribution throughout retirement years
  • Innovative Contracts: Think no more entry fees, flexibility, maybe a time-share component!
  • Wellness: see Centers for Healthy Living (last topic below)


  • What does “Place” really mean? Is it the same home, apartment, building, campus, community, city?
  • Do I have to change tables where I eat my meals?
  • What do YOU expect?

“Would You Want to Live There?”

  • A primary question the design and development team should be asking themselves as new projects are programmed and planned.

 Margaret Duckworth on “GRIT”

  • Talent x Effort = Skill
  • Skill x Effort = Achievement
  • Deliberate Practice: Set goal – Focus 100% – Get Feedback – Reflect / Refine – Repeat

Virtual Reality (VR):

  • Coming to a headset near you…just imagine the possibilities!

 Accessible Bathrooms

  • Maggie Calkins takes on New Jersey and wins!
  • What is defined within accessibility codes isn’t necessarily ideal for a senior population
  • “Equivalent facilitation” may be a route to designing better accommodations for residents and staff

Centers for Healthy Living:  Presented by one of my mentors, Daniel J. Cinelli, Perkins Eastman Architects

  • Help seniors become the strongest version of themselves
  • Wellness = intersection of mind, body & spirit
  • Program: pool, clinic, workout, meeting rooms, theater, café /juice bar and restaurants
  • Lifelong Learning & Volunteering
  • Live long, die fast!

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