Think BIG – Richland Community College, Part 2

Just a quick update. We received some wonderful feedback on the use of the active learning classroom prototype at Richland. Instructor Sarah Richardson noted that in side by side comparison of an introductory accounting class, with one being taught in a typical classroom and the other being taught in the active learning classroom, the students learning in the active learning space were progressing significantly faster and were more engaged with the material and each other.

Granted this is only anecdotal, but it does serve to encourage other faculty to utilize the classroom. Additionally, the College is conducting a five part Faculty Academy this fall to orient the faculty on how to best utilize an active learning classroom. As with any change in technology, we’ve seen instructors wanting to be on the “bleeding” edge and learn for them selves how to best use the space, instructors who will use the space once there is evidence that it can be successful, and other instructors who will only use the space once all the kinks have been worked out.

We are looking forward to sharing this story with the ICCCFO conference next week at Rend Lake. Hope to see you there.

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