The Bedroom Door

Ha!  Not what you’re thinking…nothing risque behind THIS door.

However, a senior living client recently raised an intriguing question:  “Why do we need a door to the bedroom?”

As architects, we design senior housing apartments with all kinds of accommodations to make them more accessible. But what is more cumbersome than negotiating DOORS from a wheelchair or assistive device?  Ok, steps for sure, but doors are a close second.

Traditionally, most of us are accustomed to having a door to our bedrooms. And certainly there are times during our lives that doors are needed. But, when we reach our golden years, how important is that bedroom door anymore?

When designing Independent Living and Assisted Living apartments, we typically incorporate a mix of Studio, One and Two Bedroom apartments of different sizes and amenities. Now for those One Bedroom apartments, why do we really need a door to the bedroom? Nobody else is living in the apartment, and visitors likely don’t care if there’s a door to the bedroom.

Wouldn’t life be a heck of alot easier without a door to the bedroom?  What do you think?

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