Because Life Deserves Design

In the Mohegan tribe in upper Connecticut, children receive descriptive names when they’re young. As they grow into adolescence, they receive a new name that reflects their experiences. Names may even change several times over a lifetime.

Because Life Deserves Design” is far more than an acronym for our name at BLDD, it’s who we are and why we do what we do.  

Recently, we re-branded BLDD Architects, and much like the American Indian tradition, it was time for our name to have a significance on par with our 87 years of experience and beliefs that drive us today.  

From its first utterance during a brainstorming session, we knew the phrase “Because Life Deserves Design” was special.  You could just FEEL it, it was perfect.

Here’s why.  When you think about it, DESIGN goes way beyond just “making it pretty.”   When you design, you are taking action to improve something through form or function.

DESIGN is a VERB. And it’s not just for designers.    

Of course, we can (and do) make a difference with buildings.  But why stop there?  Isn’t it possible to make positive changes through intentional action in every aspect of life?  BLDD’s goal is to make an impact everywhere we can….by improving meetings, spec books, brochures, brainstorming sessions, educational outcomes, our communities.  And most of all, improving the human experience.  

Once you start looking for these opportunities, you realize they’re everywhere.

It’s like the “blue car syndrome.” You know, the one where you never notice how many blue cars there are until you buy one yourself and suddenly they’re everywhere?  

And now, it’s impossible not to notice evidence of the “Because Life Deserves Design” philosophy all around you.  

So we started documenting it, taking photos and sharing stories tagged with #BecauseLifeDeservesDesign to share on social media.  

In just the past few weeks, we have seen powerful examples of design in the form of sidewalk chalk drawings, trucks converted to showers to serve the homeless population, striking architectural details, fun hospital gowns for chronically ill patients, beautiful landscape designs, striking sunsets, and even yummy cupcakes!

There are plenty of you out there that I know who are passionate about making the world a better place through design. Would you do me a favor? Take a look around, and share your corner of the world with us.  

I can’t wait to see your unique take on #BecauseLifeDeservesDesign !!



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