Because Life Deserves Design

In the Mohegan tribe in upper Connecticut, children receive descriptive names when they’re young. As they grow into adolescence, they receive a new name that reflects their experiences. Names may even change several times over a lifetime. “Because Life Deserves Design” is far more than an acronym for our name at BLDD, it’s who we... Continue Reading →

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Virtual Bid Openings

BID OPENINGS are an important part of any publicly funded construction project. Usually conducted in person with the owner, architect, and all contractors present, the Bid Opening is a major milestone in the life of a project. All the hard work of determining the vision for your future, making decisions, and staying in budget comes... Continue Reading →

The Future is Physical!

For years, physical education (PE) has been an integral program standard at school districts across the country. Like all other educational programs, PE is evolving to meet the needs of a future-focused school curriculum. As a result, personal wellness, fitness technology and whole-student education are becoming prevalent focuses in today’s school gyms and fitness rooms.... Continue Reading →

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